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Living with HIV was a goal when it was first identified, but medicine has advanced dramatically since then. HIV Positive singles no longer have to just 'live with HIV', now you can enjoy your life with virtually no concerns. HIV+ singles can reach a point where the HIV virus is now 'undetectable' which means you are no longer at risk of passing the virus to others. Aside from that, you are no longer at risk of the side effects of the virus attacking your immune system. Of course, being HIV Positive is still serious, and staying on top of your condition is imperative. Despite being able to live a long full life now though, many HIV+ singles still do not want to have 'the talk' with potential romantic partners. If you feel that way, then Loving With HIV is a great site for you. Surround yourself with HIV Positive singles who are looking to date and to hopefully find a real relationship, and there is no need to have 'the talk'.